Significance of digital signage

Significance of digital signage

Digital signage has become a crucial promoting tool in retailer marketing. According to digital signage’s survey, over 60% people make the purchase decision at the time of purchase Smart Film Thailand, while the rest 40% make their purchase decision in the basis of digital signage. Digital signage technology has successfully replaced the traditional sign boards. But why is that more customers make a purchase on the basis of digital signage? There are many factors that contribute to this, most of them are psychological. 

What is Digital Signage? The Digital Advertising Revolution

These days customers want appealing advertisements. They are no longer interest in staring at the old sign boards. For example, if a customer is entering a shopping complex privacy film. On the entrance the customer sees a digital signage of a cosmetic brand. A digital signage uses variety of digital images, videos and music videos to attract the customers by using vibrant and influential screen display. When a customer passes through and glance at the digital signage, there are chances that the information will be retained by customer for a longer period of time than the sign boards. the information spread faster through a digital signage. It improves the brand visibility in the eyes of the customer. An influential advertising will draw the customer to the retail stores and may compel them to purchase the product. Digital signage is an advanced interface tool that targets the potential customer. 

Beauty and makeup products use interactive touch-screen so that the customers can see themselves with the product on display screens before checking them out. Customers are no longer interested in listening to the monotonous pitches of the sales person; they want to check the product themselves with detailed information. Visuals and audio mode has proven to be more efficient to the human minds than static sign boards. This digital signage can be customized according to the product, features and message conveyed. Digital signage can be used to convey information about the product, features, discounts or sources. If retailers want to maximize their profits via digital signage it is important to invest in right hardware and proper digital signage solutions. 

Что такое система Digital Signage? Примеры использования.

Digital signage industry is expected to flourish by 8% by 2024. Major industries like sports, cosmetics, health care, automobile, home appliances rely on in-store customers for selling the products. So, these industries are investing more in digital signage to call the customers through effective digital signage campaigning. The most important component in digital signage is the content. 

Retailers should try to put simple content that will deliver the ideal to the ideal customer. With images and videos, writing content shouldn’t take much space, otherwise it will look unpleasant. The movement if the visuals should be proper, the customers should have enough time to read the content. Usually, customers never miss the ending part of the content, so make sure the vital message is on the bottom of the visuals. Multiple funds should be avoided, as the customer can be diverted from the main message. Right front should be accompanied by bright colors for the campaign.