Chinese Praying Joss and Lamp Make Excellent Wedding Favors

Chinese Praying Joss and Lamp Make
Excellent Wedding Favors
Chinese praying mittens are also known as Chinese prayer paper mittens. In addition to their
purpose as Chinese prayer mittens, they are used as Chinese prayer rugs too. Joss sticks and
prayer rugs are some of the most popular prayer materials in China. Joss sticks and prayer rugs
can be bought either at local markets or online from a number of websites in China.
Chinese praying mittens or Chinese prayer rugs are commonly used in Chinese religious
ceremonies 日本香. In most Chinese religions, aside from just the regular burning of candles, joss
candles are also used. Joss candles are basically small tea lights encased in wicks. These
wicks are then lit during Chinese prayers or for other religious purposes like lighting altars or
serving as lanterns for outdoor occasions. Joss candle candles play a very important role in
Chinese religion because aside from offering light during religious ceremonies, they also
represent the spirits of the dead and holy ancestors.

Chinese Praying Joss Candle in Malaysia: A Complete Information - JinPaper
There are different types of joss candles. There are the “tealight candles” and the “traditional
Chinese joss candle”. They are usually sold in Chinese markets During traditional Chinese
religious ceremonies, praying candles would be lit either by a flame from a tea light stick or a
Nowadays, Chinese candle makers have developed better ways of making Chinese joss
candles. With the advancement of technology, candles made from high quality ingredients have
been widely available. You can find candles that are made from special fragrances, soy wax or
paraffin and colored just candles with beautiful colors. If you are looking for the best quality joss
candles, then these Chinese candles with fragrances are the best choice:
The best Chinese joss candles are usually soy based. Soy wax is considered as the best base
because it has the right combination of fragrance, color and stability for a long burning time.
Fragrances can come from herbs, flowers, citrus fruits, pine cones, oaks or fruits themselves.
Oaks are said to have a soothing effect on people while pine cones and citrus fruits are used for
medicinal purposes.
If you are interested in buying Chinese candles in Chinese market, the best place to purchase
are online stores. Most online stores nowadays offer high quality Chinese candles that include
soy wax, fragrance, natural oil tealight and oil taper. When shopping for Chinese character
candles online, you can find beautiful images of praying hands and dragonflies incorporated in
the design. Some sites also allow you to customize your order, so you can request for additional
designs and they will help you make a unique candle design based on your personal preference.

Chinese Praying Joss Candle in Malaysia: A Complete Information - JinPaper
Chinese characters, more than anything, are symbols of love, luck, peace, prosperity, health,
prosperity and wisdom. Hence, it is fitting that the materials used to make a Chinese praying
does also show respect for Chinese religion and cultural beliefs. They are often seen combined
together in the design of Chinese lanterns – a very common item that is often seen during
weddings and New Year’s Eve. Aside from that, many Chinese candles also feature a small
lantern and the word “Mahjong” printed on it.
Another characteristic of Chinese character candles and Chinese lanterns is that they are often

seen with a large lantern attached to them. As Chinese believe in the blessing of nature spirits, it
is not uncommon to see Chinese characters printed on the front of the lantern. To conclude,
Chinese praying josses and Chinese lamps are very significant in many aspects – both spiritually
and aesthetically. It is therefore fitting that you use them to celebrate all the wonderful things in
your life.